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Re: gnulib tests fail because test-canonicalize.sh is not executable

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: gnulib tests fail because test-canonicalize.sh is not executable
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 07:01:37 -0600
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According to James Youngman on 7/29/2007 2:22 PM:
> /bin/sh: line 8: ../../polzer/tests/test-canonicalize.sh: Permission denied
> I've noticed this happening for a couple of weeks now, and could
> believe that this has always been the case for this file, as it was
> only added to CVS on 2007-07-06.   I guess the fix is to chmod the RCS
> file in the CVS repository (all the other .sh files in that directory
> are executable).   Are you able to chmod the file, Jim?

Bah, my fault again.  I'll be glad when we make the switch to git, since
then anyone can fix these types of problems.  Thanks, Jim, for fixing it.

Hmm, it does raise a question, though - it looks like the current git
mirror did not pick up on that change; is that a bug in git-cvsimport?
(There are other changes not being picked up from the CVS gnulib master,
such as the rename of popcount->count-one-bytes - the git copy never
removed the popcount files).  I also wonder if in the reverse direction,
if a change in file permissions in git will be properly reflected via the
git cvsserver?

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