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Re: Patch: Thread safe obstack

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Patch: Thread safe obstack
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 00:21:21 +0200
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Herbert Euler wrote:
> But I have many
> obstacks in my program, so I am having to choose one of them
> accordingly.  ...  That is why I want to call
> `obstack_alloc_failed_handler' with a user provided argument.

I fully agree that there is an issue here. If the obstack API was
designed today, the function obstack_alloc_failed_handler should get
passed either a user-provided value or the obstack itself (then the
user can look up a value by himself through a hash-table access).

But the facility of obstacks is in glibc for 10 years now. This means,
it will get hard for you to convince the glibc maintainers.

> The third one requires more libraries to be linked with and I do not want.

libtrampoline is tiny: less than 1 KB object code.

> However, there are other cases where there is no solutions, or the
> solutions are tricky.  For example, if two obstacks are in two
> different type of objects which react differently to memory allocation
> failure, using a global `obstack_alloc_failed_handler' is a bad idea.

You can also put the memory allocation failure check into the memory
allocation function. You can specify this function through 'obstack_chunkfun'
for each obstack separately.


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