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Re: [Bug-tar] Wildcards do not match invalid characters

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] Wildcards do not match invalid characters
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 17:53:44 +0200

jlh <address@hidden> ha escrit:

> Ok, here's an update.  I could track down the cause of this
> problem.  In order to match file names to patterns, tar uses the
> fnmatch(3), which is provided by glibc.  This happens in
> lib/exclude.c:149:exclude_fnmatch().  fnmatch() is documented to
> return 0 on a successful match, FNM_NOMATCH (defined to be 1) on a
> not-match, and anything else on error.  exclude_fnmatch() only
> compares the return value to 0 and thus treats a non-match and an
> error the same way.  The particular problem I'm experiencing
> triggered an error and fnmatch() indeed returns -1, which means an
> error happened and perror() says "Invalid or incomplete multibyte
> or wide character".  The message is correct, since the byte is
> invalid in utf8, but I was under the impression that a path
> component may consist of any sequence of non-nul, non-slash bytes.
> Since fnmatch() is specially aimed at matching paths I would think
> it should also handle the cases where a path component contains
> arbitrary bytes.  I've been able to reproduce this error as a
> stand-alone small test-case that calls fnmatch(), so this is not a
> tar problem anymore (excepted that tar doesn't check for errors).
> I will take it to the glibc list.

Thanks for reporting. I am not sure what exclude_fnmatch is supposed
to return on error, since it returns bool, so I'm CC-ing this to
> One other comment: I also noticed that tar makes the call to
> fnmatch with the flag value 0x50000008 in this particular case.
> The low bit corresponds to the flag FNM_LEADING_DIR, but the two
> high bits have no meaning to fnmatch() as far as I can see,
> they're only used by tar itself for internal use.  Does it say
> somewhere that one may set undefined bits in flags and expect
> things to still work?

It works with fnmatch from gnulib, but I agree that it is a
risky thing to do with an arbitrary third-party fnmatch implementation. 


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