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Re: string.h uses restrict

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: string.h uses restrict
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 13:09:57 +0200

Reuben Thomas wrote:
> On Sat, 4 Apr 2009, Jim Meyering wrote:
>> Reuben Thomas wrote:
>>> On Sat, 4 Apr 2009, Jim Meyering wrote:
>>>> Those buglets were from coreutils' maint.mk.
>>> Just to be clear, the buglets were from coreutils' maint.mk, but the
>>> patch I sent was a patch to gnulib's maint.mk. So your push below:
>>>> Subject: [PATCH] tests: make syntax-checks more robust
>>> is to coreutils, right?
>> Right.
> Revised patch to *gnulib*'s top/maint.mk attached, including the fixes
> mentioned above.

Ok by me.  Though I don't like the use of $(C_SOURCES),
as I mentioned.  I do understand you're trying to do this
gradually.  I'd be inclined to make bigger changes ;-)
It's only "make syntax-check", after all.

Also, your change lacks a recent improvement:


The file-name-filtering grep commands (that test whether we have any
file to search) should all use -l, since all that matters is the
0/non-zero exit status; no sense in finding/printing all matches.

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