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Re: Protection of snippet in config.h

From: bastien ROUCARIES
Subject: Re: Protection of snippet in config.h
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 22:05:42 +0100
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Le Monday 2 January 2012 19:06:46, Paul Eggert a écrit :
> On 01/02/12 07:46, Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
> > Unfortunatly gnulib add some stuff snippet like noreturn in config.h
> > that are not really safe from a fortran point of view.
> Could you explain the problem a bit more?  I wasn't aware
> that Fortran code used the identifier "_Noreturn".

_Noreturn is safe but I am more affraind by the fact that cpp run in 
traditionnal mode and could choke if snippet include C89/C99 
preprocessor directive.

> I suppose you could do something like this:
>   #include <config.h>
>   #undef _Noreturn
> and package this up into a .h file that your Fortran programs
> include.

Yes this could work, but I will prefer something that will avoid snippet if 
other language than c,c++ (objc?)

I merely use config.h for project that include c/fortran/c++/python mix and 
even verilog ...

My config.h will consist of only #define something 1 guarded by #if #endif that 
is safe is all the previous language.

Antoher problem, but not surelly related I use AX_PREFIX_CONFIG_H and I get 
__UNUSED_PARAMETER prefixed...



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