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Re: Don't use the abbreviation "win" to refer to Windows.

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Don't use the abbreviation "win" to refer to Windows.
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2012 14:57:15 -0800
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On 01/02/12 12:27, Andy Moreton wrote:
> win32 is a widely accepted term

It's not accepted as part of the GNU coding standards,
and even Microsoft prefers a different name for the API.
Even aside from the problematic connotation of "win",
"win32" is a dated term, and is heading down the path
that "OS/360" and "System V" trod long ago.  It's not
the best name today for the Windows API or for the
Windows Operating Environment.

> silly naming does not impress anyone

"WOE" is no sillier than "GNU", and the GNU name
worked out pretty well.

Anyway, impressing people is not the main goal here.
The main goal is to come up with a useful name that
doesn't praise the Windows API or operating environment.
"win32" is not the right choice for that, we must use
something better, and there is a proposal on the table.

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