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Re: git-merge-changelog in bin_PROGRAMS

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: git-merge-changelog in bin_PROGRAMS
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2012 20:19:31 -0500

   > It seems that git-merge-changelog is added to bin_PROGRAMS in the
   > generated lib/Makefile.am, which causes it to get installed in
   > exec_prefix/bin (at least in inetutils).  Not sure why though

   It's necessary so that the installation instructions at the top of
   this file work. "make install" should install the program in

`make install' must _not_ install git-merge-changelog, this is a
internal file to gnulib, and using gnulib in a package must not cause
installation of extra files from gnulib.  The crux is that gnulib
seems to have changed this, somewhere to install git-merge-changelog
in bindir.  This is a serious regression; I'll roll a new inetutils
release for now, but we need to fix this in some sensible manner.

   The question is: why does inetutils contain this program? Simon
   wrote in [1]:

   ! I haven't seen any other project include git-merge-changelog,
   ! which makes some sense as it seems to be more of a developer tool
   ! not strictly related to building the project itself.

   Moreover only the committers need the tools. People who use the
   anonymous git checkout and don't contribute don't need it.

So that one can merge changelog entries without having to install it,
since git is a DVCS, anyone can commit and pull which causes marge
conflicts for ChangeLog entries at times.  There are multiple modules
that are only useful to maintainers, gnu-web-doc-update, gnupload, and
those should not get installed either in bindir simply because one
includes the module either.


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