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Re: update-copyright request and patch...

From: Joel Brobecker
Subject: Re: update-copyright request and patch...
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 09:02:16 +0400
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Hi Jim,

> Currently parted work and an imminent coreutils release are taking all of
> my time.  Maybe Joel Denny can help?  At worst, I'll follow up next week.

This really has no urgency at all. I've done the update for GDB and
we are good for another year.

Also, I am trying to get the OK from the FSF to merge all copyright
year into one single range (even if some years are missing in the
middle). That would ensure that all the "copyright ... FSF" line
would fit entirely on one line. Not sure if this is going to be OK
or not, but I'll ask.

In the meantime, the GDB project adopted year ranges in the copyright
notice as you recommended, and so the number of files where the length
of the copyright line will change should be quite reduced.

So, the GDB project itself should be relatively covered, and this
patch is mostly for the benefit of other projects. I'd like to see
it through, if that does not unnecessarily complexifies the script.


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