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Re: [PATCH 2/8] maint: remove empty lines at EOF, but excluding modules/

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: [PATCH 2/8] maint: remove empty lines at EOF, but excluding modules/*
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 19:44:24 +0100

Bruno Haible wrote:

> Hi Jim,
>> * doc/regexprops-generic.texi: Add a newline at EOF.  There was none.
> Good point. It was more of a problem with 'cvs' than with 'git'. But I
> like this effort anyway.
>> * doc/Copyright/assign.translation.manual: Remove empty lines at EOF.
>> * doc/Copyright/request-assign.future: Likewise.
>> * doc/Copyright/request-disclaim.changes: Likewise.
>> * doc/fdl-1.2.texi: Likewise.
>> * doc/fdl-1.3.texi: Likewise.
>> * doc/fdl.texi: Likewise.
> These files are pulled into gnulib via config/srclist.txt. Modifying them
> in gnulib will not have a lasting effect.

Thanks.  I know there is a risk of that.
However, I am optimistic that I will be able to make matching
changes upstream.

>> * tests/uninorm/NormalizationTest.txt: Likewise.
> This file is also, more or less, copied from upstream (unicode.org).
>> * doc/INSTALL: Likewise.
>> * doc/INSTALL.ISO: Likewise.
>> * doc/INSTALL.UTF-8: Likewise.
> These files are generated through doc/Makefile. Also, on text files
> that consist of multiple paragraphs, I find it good (esthetic) to have
> a blank line at the end. It helps when you do "cat INSTALL" or
> "more INSTALL" (especially with the BSD 'more' program that terminates
> when it has printed the last line).

I already exempted all of modules/* for you (I prefer to omit
the trailing blank line everywhere).  Exempting three more is no problem.
Well, not much of a problem.  Exempting them would make the regexp go
beyond column 80, so this splits it.  Not pretty:

diff --git a/cfg.mk b/cfg.mk
index bce58d2..2b4bcc8 100644
--- a/cfg.mk
+++ b/cfg.mk
@@ -48,8 +48,9 @@ local-checks-to-skip =                        \
   sc_unmarked_diagnostics              \

+empty-at-EOF = /fr/LC_MESSAGES/test-quotearg\.mo$$|^doc/INSTALL(\.(ISO|UTF-8))?
 exclude_file_name_regexp--sc_prohibit_empty_lines_at_EOF = \
-  ^modules/|^lib/javaversion\.class$$|/fr/LC_MESSAGES/test-quotearg\.mo$$
+  ^modules/|^lib/javaversion\.class$$|$(empty-at-EOF)
 exclude_file_name_regexp--sc_prohibit_doubled_word = \
 exclude_file_name_regexp--sc_prohibit_openat_without_use = ^lib/selinux-at\.c$$

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