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Re: cvs access to gnulib?

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: cvs access to gnulib?
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 03:08:13 +0100
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Hi Karl,

> Was the cvs access to git intentionally shut down?
> (Sorry if I missed the announcement.)
> As of some time ago -- looks like it might have been six months, call me
> late! -- I am seeing:
>     cvs [update aborted]: connect to [pserver.git.sv.gnu.org]:2401 failed:
>     Connection timed out

Indeed, same for me.

It was probably not intentional, but it is not a big loss either: The
cvs-from-git view did not cope well with added or removed files, IIRC.

The last modification date of gitcvs-db in
is 2011-07-11.

> Alternatively, is it possible to tell git "I only want to clone one
> subdirectory" (namely build-aux)?  All the incantations I tried failed.

Results of a web search for "git clone subdirectory": There are apparently
two ways to do it:
  - git filter-branch [1]
  - git sparse checkouts [2]

But both approaches likely assume a local copy of the entire git repository.

If you need only specific files, you can do so through 'wget'. I have this
code in gettext's autogen.sh:

  for file in config.guess config.sub; do
    wget -q --timeout=5 -O build-aux/$file.tmp 
      && mv build-aux/$file.tmp build-aux/$file \
      && chmod a+x build-aux/$file

Listing a subdirectory's contents through the gitweb interface is
certainly doable as well.



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