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Re: SIGPOLL on Darwin

From: bastien ROUCARIES
Subject: Re: SIGPOLL on Darwin
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 18:31:27 +0100
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Le Tuesday 31 January 2012 16:19:54, Reuben Thomas a écrit :
> gnulib's extensions module turns on _DARWIN_C_SOURCE on Darwin.
> Unfortunately, this means that SIGPOLL is not defined, and hence stops
> POSIX-compliant code from building (SIGPOLL is mandated by POSIX). As
> extensions is required by some quite basic modules (the project I have
> in mind uses only manywarnings, sigaction and warnings), this means
> that it looks like I have to hack around this.



> Also, gnulib does not define _POSIX_C_SOURCE on Darwin, which is
> necessary in order to get some POSIX features. (Even with
> _POSIX_C_SOURCE set, _DARWIN_C_SOURCE overrides it and causes SIGPOLL
> not to be defined.)
> SIGPOLL seems to be unimplemented on Darwin, but I'm not sure that
> matters to me, as I'm writing Lua bindings for POSIX APIs, so I really
> want my code to work the same as C built with _POSIX_C_SOURCE only.
> Is there anything to be done in gnulib, or do I have manually to
> override its settings?

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