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Re: Use of gnulib's cfg.mk

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Use of gnulib's cfg.mk
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 20:44:11 +0200
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Reuben Thomas wrote:
> I see that gnulib has its own cfg.mk which is used, for example, to
> skip some syntax-check checks on gnulib's own code.
> ...
> I can't see that gnulib's cfg.mk is mentioned by any module.

  $ ./gnulib-tool --find cfg.mk
shows that cfg.mk is not contained in any module. This is because it
describes syntax rules for the gnulib source code, not for the Zile
or Hello source code.

You are supposed to use a cfg.mk file of your own in Zile or Hello.

> It also has its own Makefile.am.

No, gnulib does not have a Makefile.am. It has a couple of Makefiles,
though. They are also not meant to be copied into your package.

> I can't see a way to include a git submodule. How do I get these files
> using just gnulib-tool?

gnulib-tool has an option --copy-file that can retrieve a single file
out of the gnulib repository, independently of any modules. It's sometimes
useful for config.guess and config.sub. But please think twice before using


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