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Re: RRI - copyright assignment mailed in

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: RRI - copyright assignment mailed in
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 10:39:21 +0200
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Il 26/04/2012 22:40, Aharon Robbins ha scritto:
> Hi Jim, Paul, Paolo, anyone else I missed,
> I sent in paperwork for copyright assignments in grep and gnulib to the
> FSF; they were mailed last Friday so they should be there by now.
> Can we move ahead getting the Rational Range Interpretation patches
> integrated?
> I expect that they would drop in easily.

Can you please send pointers to the latest version?

I will once more write down my requirements for the patches to go in:

1) For regex, the patches should only touch !_LIBC sections of the code,
so that they can be included in glibc too from the beginning;

2) Later we can discuss affecting also the _LIBC sections of the code,
including fnmatch.  Until then, the patches should not affect the
autoconf test for --with/without-included-regex.


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