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Re: announce-gen: minor issues

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: announce-gen: minor issues
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 11:06:01 +0200

Hi Jim!

Le 23 mai 2012 à 10:34, Jim Meyering a écrit :

>>> * build-aux/announce-gen: When parsing command line options,
>>> prefer "announce-gen: option --release-type requires an argument"
>>> to "Option release-type requires an argument".
> This is an improvement, but for the fact that then all explicit
> uses of warn would emit "$ME: $ME: …".

Bummer, I was fooled by the "local", but we're not in
a function, and anyway it would leak to callers :(

> What do you think about removing the "$ME: " prefix from
> each existing warn argument string?

Sounds good!  Attached to be squashed.

Attachment: 0001-announce-gen-fixup.patch
Description: Binary data

>>> The second one addresses a portability issue.
>>> * build-aux/announce-gen (sizes): Invoke du with -h
>>> instead of --human.
> This looks fine, but I'd like mention in the log which system
> required the change.  OS/X?


> Here's a proposed log message:
>    announce-gen: du -h is more portable than du --human
>    * build-aux/announce-gen (sizes): Invoke du with -h instead
>    of --human.  Accept leading white space in its output.
>    These changes are required to accommodate ????'s du.

Actually I suppose only GNU du support --human-readable.
But that's on an OS X, indeed.

One significant difference is the way spaces are used.
OS X's du always issues the unit on the fourth column,
so one has to be ready for leading spaces.

$ LC_ALL=C du -h _build/debug7/ | sed 10q
 28K    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/build-aux/snippet
676K    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/build-aux
136K    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/data/m4sugar
 56K    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/data/xslt
572K    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/data
 80K    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/djgpp
1.1M    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/doc
  0B    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/examples/calc++
 68K    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/examples
 68K    _build/debug7//bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/lib/glthread

$ LC_ALL=C gdu -h _build/debug7/ | sed 10q
28K     _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/build-aux/snippet
676K    _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/build-aux
136K    _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/data/m4sugar
56K     _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/data/xslt
572K    _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/data
80K     _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/djgpp
1.2M    _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/doc
0       _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/examples/calc++
68K     _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/examples
68K     _build/debug7/bison-2.5.1_rc1.7-35d9-dirty/lib/glthread

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