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./m4/pthread.m4 causes coreutils build failure on FreeBSD 9

From: Richard Yao
Subject: ./m4/pthread.m4 causes coreutils build failure on FreeBSD 9
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2012 22:18:34 -0400
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Dear everyone,

Commit a6322904ea944ba119aaa62c0c3ee7cfade8b59c in gnulib causes
coreutils to fail to build on FreeBSD 9. This broke the Gentoo Prefix
bootstrap process, for which there is an open bug:


The build system assumes that the presence of pthread_join in libc
implies the presence of pthread_create in libc. On FreeBSD,
pthread_join() is in libc while pthread_create() is in libpthread.

Yours truly,
Richard Yao

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