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Re: FYI: do-release-commit-and-tag: fix typo

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: FYI: do-release-commit-and-tag: fix typo
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2012 15:59:49 +0200

Le 5 juil. 2012 à 15:53, Jim Meyering a écrit :

> Akim Demaille wrote:
>> Hi friends,
> Hi Akim,
>> I just installed this.
>> Subject: [PATCH] do-release-commit-and-tag: fix typo
> In the future, please post a heads-up patch before you push,
> in case someone sees a problem.

OK, sorry about that.  I'm trying to release Bison, and the fact
that do-release-commit-and-tag forces the tree to be clean
to accept to work makes it harder to change it.  And you are right, my
patch was wrong.

I am in the process of working around the "dirt" warnings,
and once the cycle is completed, I will submit a fix,
and the improvements that would have prevented this patch.

I apologize.

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