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Re: -Winline generates warnings against gnulib code

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: -Winline generates warnings against gnulib code
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2012 01:32:39 +0100

On 9 July 2012 01:19, Paul Eggert <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 07/08/2012 05:12 PM, Reuben Thomas wrote:
>> surely gnulib should be treated as system
>> headers, and -Winline give no warnings. Is there a way to make this
>> happen?
> With GCC you can use -isystem, rather than -I, to include
> the gnulib headers.

Thanks. I'm not (intentionally) assuming that I'm using gcc; can I do
this more portably? In my project (GNU Zile), gnulib is under the
"lib/" directory, and I use:

AM_CPPFLAGS = -I$(builddir)/src -I$(srcdir)/src -I$(builddir)/lib
-I$(srcdir)/lib -DPATH_DOCDIR="\"$(docdir)\"" $(LIBGC_CPPFLAGS)

to add its include files.


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