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Re: bug#10305: coreutils-8.14, "rm -r" fails with EBADF

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: bug#10305: coreutils-8.14, "rm -r" fails with EBADF
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 16:28:28 +0200

Joachim Schmitz wrote:
>> However, note that you're using an old version of coreutils.  In the
> latest, su.c
>> has been removed so you can drop the patches to that file.
> Huh? 8.17 is old? It's the latest I could get and still has src/su.c.
> Anyway, that patch isn't needed for NonStop anyway, as we need an entirely
> different authentication method.

It's removed in git, for the upcoming 8.18 release.
When you (or anyone) submit patches, we prefer that
they be against the latest in git.  See the file, HACKING,
for coreutils contribution guidelines.

>> If no one gets back to you on the other coreutils-specific pieces in two
> or three
>> weeks, please feel free to ping us at address@hidden
> OK, I'll check, after my vacation.

You can make it easier for us to process your coreutils patches
by separating them into conceptually-related sets, with commit log
entries following HACKING's guidelines.

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