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From: address@hidden
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 13:59:19 +0000

Hello everyone,

I think I've recently found a small bug inside old gnulib-tool. As you know we 
parse m4/gnulib-cache.m4 file to get cached variables which we want to use in 
import modes. There is gl_WITNESS_C_MACRO field, which we parse to get 
witness_c_macro variable. But at line 5143, where we generate a new 
gnulib-cache.m4 file, I see the following:

echo "gl_WITNESS_C_DOMAIN([$witness_c_macro])"

Have I misunderstood something or there is a small bug? May be the cause of the 
bug is just copy-pasting of the previous line, where we do the same thing with 

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