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gnulib-tool and short options

From: address@hidden
Subject: gnulib-tool and short options
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 14:24:18 +0000

Hello everyone,

since it is very easy to modify command-line arguments and options with 
argparse, I want to ask you whether you want to receive short options.

For example, with old gnulib-tool we can type '--import', '--impor', '--impo', 
etc. But we can't easily type '-i'.

It is easy to fix it; short options look nicer and is more native for some 
users who used to type short options. Can I add short options at least for 
different modes?

--list: -l
--find: -f
--import: -i
--add-import: -a
--remove-import: -r
--update: -u
--test: -t
--megatest: -m
--create-testdir: -td
--create-megatestdir: -tm
--copy-file: -c
--extract-description: -xdescr/-xi
--extract-comment: -xc
--extract-status: -xs
--extract-notice: -xn
--extract-applicability: -xa
--extract-filelist: -xf
--extract-dependencies: -xdeps/-xd
--extract-autoconf-snippet: -xac
--extract-automake-snippet: -xam
--extract-include-directive: -xinc/-xlink
--extract-license: -xl
--extract-maintainer: -xm

I know that usually GNU applications prefer to use long options, but I think 
that short options can be very useful. What do you think?

I send this mail to this list, because here more people can tell what they 
think about it.

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