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[PATCH] Support for xattrs in gnulib

From: Pavel Raiskup
Subject: [PATCH] Support for xattrs in gnulib
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 16:31:16 +0200

Hello again,

> I'd like to ask you whether it would be possible to add support of
> extended file system attributes into Gnulib code base.  The reason is
> that I would like to add support for extended attributes into upstream
> GNU tar.
> I'm proposing two patches.
> 1) First is adding basic xattrs support into gnulib - module 'xattr'.
> This should guarantee that (even if they are just stubs) basic
> setxattr/getxattr/listxattr/etc methods always exist.
> 2) Second patch adds module 'xattr-at' that depends on 'xattr'.  This
> module implements *at() wrappers for extended attributes calls.

I have repaired several problems in first patch so I'm attaching these two
patches again.  The main mistake was that I included <attr/xattr.h> header
which is now usually substituted by <sys/xattr.h> from glibc.

I still cannot understand some magic in gnulib properly, sorry for that.
All modules which are dependent on  include_next module are using sed
inside modules/MODULE file.  I tried to cut&paste this part into xattr-h
module also.  But there are also variables like $(NEXT_*) in sed rules,
which I'm not able to force to exist for me (NEXT_SYS_XATTR_H).
Instead, I added the similar hardwired rule for now:

  -e 's|@''NEXT_SYS_XATTR_H''@|<sys/xattr.h>|g' \

Do you see where is the problem?  And could you please look at these
patches in general?  I'll be glad to repair any principal/technical
mistake I'll be able to.

Or do you think that this is unacceptable in general?

Thank you,

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