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Re: GNU sed version 4.2.1: on OS X, C locale gets aliased to UTF-8

From: Max Horn
Subject: Re: GNU sed version 4.2.1: on OS X, C locale gets aliased to UTF-8
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 11:39:47 -0600

Dear Paul, all,

On 06.09.2012, at 12:39, Paul Eggert wrote:

> On 09/06/2012 11:03 AM, Max Horn wrote:
>> I proposed the exact same patch you proposed back in January.
> Ah, sorry, I was confused.  Again.  Ouch.
> Please let me try to summarize the situation to make sure that I
> understand it.

Your summary looks fine to me!


> If I understand things correctly, you're saying the January patch is
> more logical, but that either will work, and so you'd settle for
> either.


> Bruno has objected to the January patch, but has not commented on the
> July patch.  You've responded to Bruno's January objections, and he
> hasn't had time to follow up.
>> I (and everybody who has installed GNU sed via Fink) has been using
>> the proposed fix for months, and I can assure you that i18n is
>> working fine.
> Thanks for mentioning that.  By "the proposed fix" I assume you mean
> the January patch.

Correct. Although I did test the July patch, too, I just did not deploy it to a 
wider audience, since the January patch was already in place.

> I'd greatly appreciate Bruno's comments, if he has the time.  If not,
> I'm thinking of pushing the July patch, as a temporary fix until Bruno
> does find the time, since he hasn't objected.

As long as something happens, I am happy :)


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