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lftp fails to build with current gnulib: 'gets' undeclared here

From: Colin Watson
Subject: lftp fails to build with current gnulib: 'gets' undeclared here
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 13:04:22 +0000
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lftp fails to build with current gnulib.  I can't figure out whether
this is a gnulib bug or an lftp bug.  To reproduce, on a system with
glibc 2.16 (I'm using the current Ubuntu development branch, "raring")
and lftp's build-dependencies:

  git clone git://github.com/lavv17/lftp.git
  cd lftp
  PATH="/path/to/current/gnulib/checkout:$PATH" ./autogen.sh

The output is attached.  The problem appears to be that gets is declared
in C++, but then C code is compiled using the results from C++ tests.

I was able to reproduce what I think are the essential characteristics
of this failure as follows:

$ git diff
diff --git a/gnulib-tool b/gnulib-tool
index b037356..7b4d91f 100755
--- a/gnulib-tool
+++ b/gnulib-tool
@@ -6018,7 +6018,9 @@ func_create_testdir ()
      func_emit_initmacro_done ${macro_prefix}tests $testsbase
+   echo "AC_LANG_PUSH(C++)"
    echo "gl_INIT"
+   echo "AC_LANG_POP(C++)"
    if test -n "$subdirs_with_configure_ac"; then
      echo "AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(["`echo $subdirs_with_configure_ac`"])"
$ ./gnulib-tool --test stdio stdio-c++-tests extensions

Is gnulib misbehaving here, or is lftp?  If the latter, what would be a
reasonable fix?  I assume that lftp has a reason for running gnulib's
tests under C++ ...


Colin Watson                                       address@hidden

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