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Re: [off-list] CVS pains

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [off-list] CVS pains
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 23:31:05 GMT

    would be a good first step.

Almost nothing happens on the savannah side.  The basic process is a
hook into cvs commit that does (effectively) wget
something.gnu.org/something.cgi where the CGI is maintained by the FSF,
and does all the real work.

Getting visibility into the active code for anything that the sysadmins
maintain is never easy, and we're not going to solve that here.  Hoping
for a nice make dist tarball of a lovely little installable package is
not realistic.  Everything about this whole process is ad hoc.

There are no test environments for any of this stuff, either.
That's life.

    switch backend from CVS to Git

Whatever happens, "switching" the backend would be a monumental
mistake.  What's desirable is to support git (or other things -- not
everyone likes git, really) *as well as* cvs.

Meanwhile, it's pretty pointless to have this discussion (for the
umpteenth time) when none of us are the people who are going to do the
work.  As I explained in my previous mail.

If anyone wants access to savannah to look around on their own, try to
understand and help with the systems there (and has time available to do
such), just let me know.  There is no barrier there.

Resuming our regularly scheduled programs,

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