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Re: gnulib maintainer housekeeping

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: gnulib maintainer housekeeping
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 21:01:12 +0100
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Il 23/12/2012 18:48, Paul Eggert ha scritto:
> A bit of housekeeping: you're listed as maintainer on
> several gnulib modules, listed below.  If you're
> not contributing any more, I assume we should remove
> your name.  Can you suggest replacements?  The modules
> I'm most worried about are the ones you're listed as sole
> maintainer for.  Thanks.

None of these have seen a huge amount of work, but I can still follow
the development and approve patches.  For *l functions Bruno did as much
work as I did.


> accept:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> acosl:Paolo Bonzini
> asinl:Paolo Bonzini
> atanl:Paolo Bonzini
> bind:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> close:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson, Bruno Haible
> connect:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> cosl:Paolo Bonzini
> frexp:Bruno Haible, Paolo Bonzini
> frexp-nolibm:Bruno Haible, Paolo Bonzini
> frexpl:Bruno Haible, Paolo Bonzini
> frexpl-nolibm:Bruno Haible, Paolo Bonzini
> getpeername:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> getsockname:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> getsockopt:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> ioctl:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson, Bruno Haible
> ldexpl:Bruno Haible, Paolo Bonzini
> libunistring-optional:Paolo Bonzini, Bruno Haible
> listen:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> logl:Paolo Bonzini
> mathl:Paolo Bonzini  <address@hidden>
> nocrash:Bruno Haible, Paolo Bonzini
> pipe-filter-gi:Paolo Bonzini, Bruno Haible
> poll:Paolo Bonzini  <address@hidden>
> poll-h:Paolo Bonzini, Bruno Haible
> recv:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> recvfrom:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> send:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> sendto:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> setsockopt:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> shutdown:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson, Bruno Haible
> sinl:Paolo Bonzini
> socket:Paolo Bonzini, Simon Josefsson
> sqrtl:Paolo Bonzini
> tanl:Paolo Bonzini

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