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Re: git-version-gen w/o git

From: Bob Friesenhahn
Subject: Re: git-version-gen w/o git
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 19:59:24 -0600 (CST)
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On Fri, 28 Dec 2012, Peter Rosin wrote:

Libtool remains regressed and a PITA to work with for me until this is
fixed. I'm a bit frustrated since the changes are tiny and non-intrusive,
at least in my opinion.

I also find the extra dependencies to be frustrating. In my case, I check out and do edits on a real unix system but share the same files (via Samba) for use by Cygwin and MSYS/MinGW. Only one system should need to run git. Besides Windows, the ability to do the minimum on remote, isolated, or resource-limited target systems is useful.

Bob Friesenhahn
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