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Re: bootstrap does not pass --force to autoreconf

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: bootstrap does not pass --force to autoreconf
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 19:06:27 +0100

Le 28 déc. 2012 à 14:48, Gary V. Vaughan <address@hidden> a écrit :

> The latest version can, however, be dropped directly into the override
> directory, and will upgrade itself from changes to the override module 
> sources:
> address@hidden/Devo/libtool--devo--0                │master│9f2b41f│
> ├!35438│^2=wc -l gl/{build-aux,modules}/*

Your prompt seems… elaborate :)

>    1165 gl/build-aux/funclib.sh      # mostly extracted from ltmain.in
>      19   gl/modules/funclib.sh
>     420 gl/build-aux/extract-trace   # as used by libtoolize
>      21   gl/modules/extract-trace
>     608 gl/build-aux/options-parser  # likewise (restartable shell parser)
>      20   gl/modules/options-parser
>    2527 gl/build-aux/bootstrap.in    # pared down client of the above
>      23   gl/modules/bootstrap
>     154 gl/build-aux/inline-source   # combine above into a single script
>      21   gl/modules/inline-source
>    4978 total
> The files all pass libtool's extensive shell syntax-check rules, are all
> very well commented (which contributes to their relative large sizes) and
> there's also extensive texinfo documentation, though I'd need to check
> that it's still accurate after the recent round of changes where I split
> my original submission into the several independently useful scripts
> shown above.
> We're overdue a new libtool release which I'll start work on in the New Year,
> after which I'll try to lobby for the non-clashing, non-bootstrap files from
> above to be accepted into gnulib given a little more time for adoption of
> that release to improve confidence that those files (which are now deeply
> integrated into not only libtool's bootstrap, but also the installed libtool,
> libtoolize and ltmain.sh files) are portable and functional enough to warrant
> inclusion -- since the release process will require libtool to compile and
> pass extensive testsuite on the 30+ architectures I have access to.

Best wishes for the new year's libtool and hangover :)

> As to whether the bootstrap module is adopted, I'm relatively happy to make
> use of it in my own code and make people aware of it as an alternative if it
> ooks like it might prove useful to them rather than hassling the gnulib folks
> any further.

I'd rather keep Bison with the simplest possible set up, so I'll be
happy to give my opinion on your submission (I am not member of the
list, so CC me!), but I'll stick with whatever gnulibers vote for.

I guess this is my last message for 2012, so best wishes to all the
members!  Have a nice countdown!

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