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test-fdutimensat racy?

From: Bernhard Voelker
Subject: test-fdutimensat racy?
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 09:23:16 +0200
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I'm having problems with the above test on different systems
for a while now.  It aborts at different places.
Therefore, I've run it 1000 times like the following

  for f in $( seq 1000 ) ; do \
    ./test-fdutimensat ; \
  done 2>&1 | grep -v Aborted

On a system I usually don't see problems with it (openSUSE-12.1, ext4),
I see 2-8 failures like this:

  test-futimens.h:57: assertion failed
  test-lutimens.h:64: assertion failed
  test-lutimens.h:162: assertion failed
  test-utimens.h:130: assertion failed
  test-utimens.h:103: assertion failed
  test-utimens.h:130: assertion failed
  test-utimens.h:119: assertion failed

On openSUSE-12.2 with ext4, a VM in VirtualBox, I'm even getting
~380 failures.

Furthermore, I saw the same aborts on openSUSE Build Service when
running 'make check' for the coreutils package, and on SLES-10.3 (ext3).

Any ideas?

Have a nice day,

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