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pygnulib: GLPackage

From: address@hidden
Subject: pygnulib: GLPackage
Date: Mon, 06 May 2013 15:07:42 +0000

Hello everyone!

Since last year I had a strong feeling that it is not so good to import 
packages as standalone files, placed in different separated folders. I've 
already talked to Bruno about this idea before, but it was soon forgotten since 
and I and Bruno didn't participated for some time in development.

The idea is to combine all information about module and all its necessary files 
in one standalone file which will be like a package. I see two ways to 
implement this:
1. tar archive, which has binary form, but is easier to work with GUI tools;
2. XML-like file, since Bruno and probably some others prefer to work with text 
files rather than with binary; I could also write some kind of GUI in PyQt, 
though it won't be the main aim.

Such package will be saved to gnulib/packages directory and, if the same module 
can be found in gnulib/modules and gnulib/packages, the last will be preferred.

What do you think about this idea? I'd like to listen to your opinions.

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