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Re: license request for mgetgroups

From: Lasse Collin
Subject: Re: license request for mgetgroups
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 07:19:18 +0300

On 2013-05-22 Eric Blake wrote:
> Since getgrouplist is implemented in glibc as LGPLv2+, is there any
> objection to relicensing the following modules as LGPLv2+?
> getgroups [LGPLv3+] => *Jim, *Eric, Bruno, Paul
> getugroups [GPLv3+] => *Jim, Eric, Paul, Bruno, Lasse
> mgetgroups [GPLv3+] => *Jim, *Eric, Bruno
> xalloc-oversized [GPLv3+] => [*all] Eric, Paul, Jim, (Bruno)

Relicensing is fine with me. (I barely touched the code.)

Lasse Collin  |  IRC: Larhzu @ IRCnet & Freenode

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