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Re: Apparent problem with "make web-manual-update"

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: Apparent problem with "make web-manual-update"
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 14:03:48 +0100

On 10 October 2013 13:57, Eric Blake <address@hidden> wrote:
I'm suggesting that your cfg.mk is flawed.  maint.mk is expanding:

"$(PACKAGE_NAME) - $(manual_title)"

already in double quotes.  If your cfg.mk has:

manual_title="Hello, GNU World"

then that would explain the botched shell command.  Instead, fix your
cfg.mk to have:

manual_title=Hello, GNU World

Thanks, that was precisely the problem (only in hello's case manual_title is set in Makefile.am).


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