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Memory Leaks

From: Geoff
Subject: Memory Leaks
Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 23:39:02 -0700

I am (would be) _very_ happy - ecstatic even - about my present situation. My 
concern is one regarding certain memory leaks I found I could not avoid with 
regard to parent processes. I had hoped to limit the page tables accessed by 
these parent processes; although it appears I may not have fully done the best 
I could with regard to this. But by personal opinion is that it should not pose 
a critical security issue.

Instead, I seem to be reading in the documentation much more to the effect of 
“bugs are normal”. This I get. I can work out my bugs. What I’m unclear about 
is whether these leaks are/were sufficient such that management feels this 
program is no longer viable...?

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