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Re: Inlining error from "timespec.h".

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Inlining error from "timespec.h".
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 10:12:49 -0700
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Mats Erik Andersson wrote:

I am now trying to build GNU Shishi with on Debian with gcc-4.7.2
and with the previous gcc-4.4.5. This includes bootstrapping
the source with "manywarnings.m4", etcetera.

However, gcc-4.4.5 fails due to "-Wmissing-prototypes":

Currently, --enable-gcc-warnings requires GCC 4.6 if you use the extern-inline module. The workaround is to not use --enable-gcc-warnings with older GCCs. No doubt this could be ported to older GCCs, if someone wanted to take the time and trouble to do that, if only by disabling 'extern inline' entirely on older GCCs when warnings are enabled.

As a side note, gcc-4.4.5 does not accept "-Wenum-compare" as a
valid option for C-coded source, yet it is included in "manywarnings".

That's surprising, as manywarnings is supposed to disable warnings that are not supported. I suppose this could be fixed as well, if someone wants to worry about these older systems. Again, the workaround is to not use --enable-gcc-warnings.

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