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Re: [PATCH] gettext: update macros to version 0.19

From: Pádraig Brady
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gettext: update macros to version 0.19
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2014 17:36:48 +0100
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On 06/11/2014 10:11 AM, Daiki Ueno wrote:
> gettext-0.19 (and 0.19.1) has been released a while ago, this is the
> update of the M4 macros.  There's no difference between 0.19 and 0.19.1.

Note this upgrades the gettext requirement for coreutils at least:

  $ git clone --depth=1 git://git.sv.gnu.org/coreutils.git cu
  $ cd cu
  $ ./bootstrap
  $ cd gnulib
  $ git checkout 6da37d4814fb6d1c61169de4092205a056a04a21
  $ cd ..
  $ git commit -an
  $ ./bootstrap && ./configure --quiet && make -j $(nproc)
  configure.ac:322: warning: gl_READUTMP is m4_require'd but not m4_defun'd
  configure.ac:313: coreutils_DUMMY_1 is expanded from...
  configure.ac:322: the top level
  Making all in po
  make[2]: Entering directory `/home/padraig/git/coreutils/po'
  *** error: gettext infrastructure mismatch: using a Makefile.in.in from 
gettext version 0.18 but the autoconf macros are from gettext version 0.19
  make[2]: *** [check-macro-version] Error 1

I can easily update gettext and can confirm 0.19 works as expected.
Other have often expressed disdain for non readily available
distro requiremnts like this. Should we consider reverting
this until gettext-0.19 packages are easily available?


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