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futimens broken on GNU Hurd (no support for UTIME_NOW/UTIME_OMIT)

From: Colin Watson
Subject: futimens broken on GNU Hurd (no support for UTIME_NOW/UTIME_OMIT)
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 12:14:39 +0100
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futimens is broken on GNU Hurd: it does not support UTIME_NOW or
UTIME_OMIT.  I filed a bug about that here:


The Gnulib test suite already detects this:

  ../../gltests/test-futimens.h:138: assertion 'st3.st_atime == Y2K' failed

I have a patch which fixes this test failure, but I don't remember the
status of my copyright assignment and I don't want a fix for this to
accidentally get stuck on that.  Perhaps I can just describe it?  On the
Hurd, HAVE_UTIMENSAT is undefined but HAVE_FUTIMENS is defined.  Before
calling futimens, fdutimens must check whether UTIME_NOW or UTIME_OMIT
was used (i.e. adjustment_needed > 0).  If so, it should resolve them to
real times.


Colin Watson                                       address@hidden

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