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gnulib:test-stdalign failing on powerpc-darwin8, gcc-4.0

From: David Fang
Subject: gnulib:test-stdalign failing on powerpc-darwin8, gcc-4.0
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 20:39:22 -0500 (EST)

I initially reported a this as a GNUTLS-3.3.9 test failure, but was then redirected to the gnulib project, the origin of this test.


I'm getting 1 test failure on powerpc-darwin8 with test-stdalign.
Compiled with the system compiler, Apple's gcc-4.0.

% ./test-stdalign
test-stdalign.c:88: assertion '(uintptr_t) &(static_char_alignas) % TEST_ALIGNMENT == 0' failed

I locally changed the CHECK_ALIGNED macro to print, and I see the following:

#define CHECK_ALIGNED(var) printf( #var " %d\n", (uintptr_t) &(var) % TEST_ALIGNMENT )

static_char_alignas 5
static_char_Alignas 4
static_short_alignas 2
static_short_Alignas 0
static_int_alignas 4
static_int_Alignas 0
static_long_alignas 4
static_long_Alignas 0
static_int64_t_alignas 0
static_int64_t_Alignas 0
static_float_alignas 4
static_float_Alignas 0
static_double_alignas 0
static_double_Alignas 0
static_struct1_alignas 5
static_struct1_Alignas 4
static_struct2_alignas 0
static_struct2_Alignas 6
static_struct3_alignas 0
static_struct3_Alignas 4
static_struct4_alignas 0
static_struct4_Alignas 4

powerpc-darwin is known to have some unconventional data structure alignment rules in its ABI. How should these results be interpreted? Is there a problem in the compiler, or rather some incorrect assumption about the ABI in the test itself? This is the system compiler, after all.

Thanks for any insights.


David Fang

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