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Request update of Target Platforms section

From: Nathaniel Hayden
Subject: Request update of Target Platforms section
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:38:23 -0800
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According to the content itself ("As of 2011 ...") the section was last updated in 2011, and commit logs seem to confirm this.

I'm a developer in a bioinformatics group that uses the R statistical analysis language, also part of the GNU Project. I came across Gnulib while trying to port an important bioinformatics library (HTSlib) to Windows on the way to making it available in R. I've already had success with making the library work with mingw32. Thank you for your excellent work!

But the R language toolchain for Windows is based on MinGW-w64. Currently the Target Platforms section reads
    - mingw in 64-bit mode is not tested and low priority so far.

The logs contain many commits around MinGW-w64. Can you comment on support for MinGW-w64--and is it now considered a reasonable target, and hence the Target Platforms section can be updated? I would like to sell adoption of Gnulib to the maintainers of HTSlib, but the ultimate goal is to make it work with R's toolchain.

Nate Hayden

P.S In the hope that it's helpful, my imported modules are:
alloca arpa_inet fcntl fdatasync inttypes netdb recv send stat-size stddef stdint stdlib string sys_select sys_socket sys_stat sys_time unistd

With all dependencies included:
absolute-header alloca alloca-opt arpa_inet close dup2 errno extensions extern-inline fcntl fcntl-h fd-hook fdatasync fileblocks fsync getdtablesize gettimeofday include_next inttypes inttypes-incomplete msvc-inval msvc-nothrow multiarch netdb recv send signal-h snippet/_Noreturn snippet/arg-nonnull snippet/c++defs snippet/warn-on-use socketlib socklen ssize_t stat-size stdalign stddef stdint stdlib string sys_select sys_socket sys_stat sys_time sys_types sys_uio time unistd

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