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gettext vs. gnulib m4 macros

From: Karl Berry
Subject: gettext vs. gnulib m4 macros
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 21:49:18 GMT

>From running gettextize, my understanding is that at least the following
files are maintained in gettext, not gnulib:

M       build-aux/config.rpath
M       gnulib/m4/gettext.m4
M       gnulib/m4/iconv.m4
M       gnulib/m4/nls.m4
M       gnulib/m4/po.m4
M       gnulib/m4/progtest.m4

Paul (I guess) - so can the massive auto-updating of the copyright year
list refrain from touching them?  Right now there are copyright year
discrepancies between the gettext version and the gnulib version.

Perhaps there are other files to be handled similarly -- everything in
gettext-runtime/m4?  But that includes a dozen+ files that seem awfully
generic, e.g., the above progtest.m4, intdiv0.m4, stdint_h.m4, ... 
I don't get it.  And the "gettextize and autopoint" node in the gnulib
manual does not clarify.

Daiki (I guess) - and the po.m4 in gnulib is still serial 23 from
0.18.  Shouldn't they be kept in sync?  Also, may I suggest putting a
comment at the top of the gettext files saying "this file is maintained
in gettext".  To help poor people like me trying to figure out what is
out of date and what isn't.


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