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[PATCH] git-version-gen: add a use-case comment

From: Mats Erik Andersson
Subject: [PATCH] git-version-gen: add a use-case comment
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 18:05:37 +0200
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Hello there,

I would like to see the the following description of
a use-case included as a comment in git-version-gen.
Had this recipe been followed by GNU Inetutils,
then the reversal of my previous patch to git-version-gen
would never have been justified. For good or bad!

That lesson leads me also to this suggestion, with which
help and authoritative decisions are called for:

  * Implement a syntax check to assert that

      git-version-gen is used with a sed-script
      in configure.ac.

      ==>  git-version-gen-tag-sed-script is defined
           in cfg.mk.

Perhaps an even stronger check could find proponents:

     git-version-gen is used in configure.ac

     ==>  git-version-gen-tag-sed-script is defined in cfg.mk,
          possibly with an empty value

The failure for a project to specify a non-trivial value of
'git-version-gen-tag-sed-script', where a non-empty value
is used in 'configure.ac', is that the execution of "make dist"
will receive "UNKNOWN" from git-version-gen and issue a warning
since no match was possible, inspite of correct versioning of
the checked out source tree.

Best regards,
  Mats Erik Andersson, on behalf of GNU Inetutils

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