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Re: [bug #45445] AIX make check test-getdelim.c:72: assertion failed Abo

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [bug #45445] AIX make check test-getdelim.c:72: assertion failed Abort(coredump)
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 15:27:02 -0600
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[adding gnulib]

On 08/31/2015 02:50 PM, John F. Trudeau wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #1, bug #45445 (project findutils):
> AIX7.1 libc.a contains getdelim/getline.  I cannot find any AIX documentation
> on theses functions.  Apparently the AIX getdelim does not expand the output
> buffer.  I was able to eliminate the test error by editing configure to
> force:
> ac_cv_func_getdelim=no
> ac_cv_func_getline=no
> Thus, causing the gnulib version of theses function to be used.

That means that gnulib should be testing whether the system
getdelim/getline matches the POSIX and GNU version, or whether it is an
unrelated symbol (as appears to be the case on AIX), so that configure
can get the right result from the beginning instead of you having to
override a cache value.

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>   <http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?45445>

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