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Is it possible / easy to build a shared library of a selection of module

From: Jimi Damon
Subject: Is it possible / easy to build a shared library of a selection of modules?
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 09:03:01 -0800
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I saw this message posted back in 2011 but I've never seen anyone post a solution to it.

I would like to build libgnu.so and use it in my project. The reason for this is because I use strictly a CMake build and it would be much easier to link in this library instead of trying to recode my project using autoconf.

I am able to select the linked list module just fine, but there doesn't seem to be a configure or ./gnulib-tool option that allows me
to enable the generation of a libgnu.so .

Any ideas how one can do this effortlessly using either a configureĀ  / make / gnulib-tool step ?


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