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How to handle Android cross compilation bugs?

From: Iain Nicol
Subject: How to handle Android cross compilation bugs?
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 13:40:52 +0000 (GMT)

I recently discovered Termux.  It's a free software[1] terminal
emulator for Android.  What makes it compelling is that it comes with
the apt package manager.  A fair number of command line programs,
familar from GNU/Linux PCs, have been ported to Termux.

[1] Termux source is available at <https://github.com/termux/>.  The
Termux .apk binary is available from the F-Droid repo.

Programs are packaged for Termux by cross compiling to ARM using the
Android NDK.  The NDK is the Android C SDK.  Unfortunately, I've
encountered two issues so far with gnulib, when packaging zile.

1.  gnulib's rpl_malloc is linked in.  This makes malloc point to
libc's malloc.  However, zile needs malloc to point to libgc's
GC_malloc.  We worked around this by disabling rpl_malloc.

2.  rpl_getcwd is linked in.  It isn't working properly.  I'm not
certain but I think it's returning "" instead of the cwd.  I don't yet
have a workaround.

I'd appreciate advice on how to handle these and other future issues.
Should these be treated as bugs to be reported to and fixed in gnulib?
Should I coax gnulib's use of the AC_RUN_IFELSE macro into running on
an Android emulator, instead of running on my x86_64-linux-gnu host
PC?  Should I unconditionally disable patch out parts or all of gnulib
when packaging for Termux?


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