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Re: [Reproducible-builds] [xz-devel] Re: xz-utils: make the selected POS

From: Ximin Luo
Subject: Re: [Reproducible-builds] [xz-devel] Re: xz-utils: make the selected POSIX shell stable accross build environments
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 22:05:34 +0200

Thorsten Glaser:
> Ximin Luo dixit:
>> bugs-gnulib, do you see any issue with this patch? The context is that
> [..]
> $CONFIG_SHELL should stay the ultimate instance. Users absolutely MUST
> be able to override not-working-but-recognised-as-good-enough system
> shells like /bin/sh with this variable, to get things working even in
> the presence of known bugs.


I'm not sure if you understood what was being discussed. How does my proposed 
patch affect your scenario? This is not about CONFIG_SHELL, but about 
POSIX_SHELL. Could you give a concrete example or situation, which my patch 
will cause to fail?


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