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Re: bugs in gnulib thread modules

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: bugs in gnulib thread modules
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2017 19:06:21 +0100
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Torvald Riegel wrote:
> The double-checked locking in glthread_once_multithreaded is broken.  It
> has data races.  Remember the conversation we had about atomics?  Look
> at glibc's pthread_once to see what needs to be done.
> A similar problem exists regarding the (use of the) initialized fields
> in the custom locks you implemented.  This is not a correct
> pthread_once, and it cannot reliably help you shield users from bad
> consequences due to not calling ..._init().

Good points, thanks a lot for these hints! Find attached the proposed fix.
It's gnulib's first use of <stdatomic.h>...

> I also think that glthread_rwlock_destroy_multithreaded should destroy
> the condvars first, then the mutex.  That may not be strictly required
> depending on how one interprets the wording around references to mutexes
> held by condvars.

I don't think the order matters, since the condvars must be empty at this
point. It's surely undefined behaviour to destroy an rwlock that still has
readers or writers pending (although POSIX [1] does not say so).
Anyway, patch attached.

> And you should not skip calling pthread_cond_destroy() and other
> destruction functions.  Doing so is not standards-conforming, in
> particular if you can ever reuse the memory for something else.  Not
> calling pthread_cond_destroy() will be broken when using current glibc,
> for example.

Yeah, I was a bit lazy in the error-handling case. Patch attached.



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