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Re: sed-4.3 build comments

From: Nelson H. F. Beebe
Subject: Re: sed-4.3 build comments
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 17:01:10 -0700

Paul Eggert writes today about the missing __muloti4() in clang builds
on numerous platforms:

>> Thanks, this turns out to be LLVM bug 16404, an unfixed bug I wish I'd
>> known. I installed the attached patches to Gnulib to stop using
>> integer-overflow builtins on Clang, which should work around the LLVM
>> bug. In the meantime, on Fedora you can work around the sed problem by
>> installing the Clang-related compiler-rt package and by building with
>> LDFLAGS=-rtlib=compiler-rt, ....

I looked at the description of that bug at


and find that I share the annoyance of many of the posters in a
compiler's being unable to find its own libraries.

Nevertheless, I just started a series of 106 builds of sed-4.3.p2
(containing the patches


) using clang, launched like this:

        build-all -u clang-all --env LDFLAGS=--rtlib=compiler-rt sed-4.3.p2

Several are still in progress, but of the ones that have completed, it
seems that the LDFLAGS value does the trick of getting a successful

Because I expect to be using clang for builds of many other packages,
I'm adding that LDFLAGS settings to the configuration files for
build-all for all those on which it solves the problem.

Although sed's configure script could check for clang and the 128-bit
multiply that triggers the missing function problem, it would seem
better to have autoconf handle that, in view of the reticence of the
clang developers to repair their clear error.  However, getting a new
autoconf pushed to developer sites is a huge task, so I'm just going
to supply the fix locally for my build-all procedures.

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