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Re: Gnulib on Windows (native / mingw32) / VMS / etc.

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Gnulib on Windows (native / mingw32) / VMS / etc.
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 13:22:32 -0700
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Except for VMS, GNU Emacs is in a boat similar to GNU Make. It uses Gnulib (but not Automake), it is buildable on MS-Windows and does not need Cygwin, it has its own configuration batch script for MS-Windows (and MS-DOS!). So I would look to Emacs for inspiration here. I'm mostly responsible for the Emacs Gnulib usage and can help and/or answer questions in this area.

Gnulib does have some VMS support but it's on an as-needed basis, and quite possibly you'd need to hack it in (this was most recently done for mktime in September). As it happens, in August we removed some VMS code from the glob module, since nobody had used it for years and glibc was removing it. I suppose we could put it back in. Alternatively, GNU Make could continue to use the old glob.c for VMS, and use Gnulib glob.c for everything else. (Not ideal, I know.)

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