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Re: localename on mingw

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: localename on mingw
Date: Fri, 04 May 2018 22:25:55 +0200
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Hi Eli,

> Can you explain the rationale for moving code
> between gl_locale_name_thread and gl_locale_name_posix.

gl_locale_name() is defined, basically (forgive the shorthand notation) as
  || gl_locale_name_posix()
  || gl_locale_name_default().

The semantics of your patch was to add specific code for native Windows:

  || gl_locale_name_windows()
  || gl_locale_name_posix()
  || gl_locale_name_default().

There are three ways to actually implement this:
  (1) Define a function gl_locale_name_windows, explicitly.
  (2) Move gl_locale_name_windows() into gl_locale_name_thread().
  (3) Move gl_locale_name_windows() into gl_locale_name_posix().

All three options produce the same value for gl_locale_name(), which is
the only function that is used outside gnulib.

But the test suite tests gl_locale_name_thread and gl_locale_name_posix

Pro and cons of (1),(2),(3):
  Pro (1): Very explicit.
  Cons (1): Code for a specific platform becomes mentioned in the .h file.
  Cons (2): gl_locale_name_windows() has nothing to do with threads.
  Cons (2): Requires some #if in the test suite, around line 480.
  Pro (3): Both gl_locale_name_windows() and gl_locale_name_posix()
  are related to setlocale().
Summary of scores:
  (1): 0
  (2): -2
  (3): +1
So, option (3) is the best one, for my taste.

> I also don't understand why having a thread-level
> code inside a function whose name ends with "_thread" makes less sense

AFAICS, the body of gl_locale_name_windows() is not "thread-level code".
It produces a value that depends on the return value of setlocale(),
i.e. depends on global state of the libc, not on anything particular
to the thread.

> And how all that is related to the failures which are the trigger for
> your proposal?

The test failures occur because the distinction between what happens
in gl_locale_name_thread and gl_locale_name_posix is visible
to the test suite.


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