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Re: test-poll failing on FreeBSD 10/11

From: Pádraig Brady
Subject: Re: test-poll failing on FreeBSD 10/11
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 23:49:55 -0700
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On 08/05/18 09:40, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
> Libvirt CI recently started running "make check" on our FreeBSD 10 & 11
> hosts, and we see frequent failure of the test-poll unit test in gnulib
> IIUC,  gnulib is not actually building a replacement poll() function
> on FreeBSD, it is merely running the gnulib test suite against the
> FreeBSD system impl of poll() and hitting this behaviour.
> $ ./gnulib/tests/test-poll
> Unconnected socket test... passed
> Connected sockets test... failed (expecting POLLHUP after shutdown)
> General socket test with fork... failed (expecting POLLHUP after shutdown)
> Pipe test... passed
> Looking at the first failure in test_socket_pair method.
> It sets up a listener socket, connects a client, accepts the client
> and then closes the remote end. It expects the server's client socket
> to thus show POLLHUP or POLLERR.
> When it fails, the poll() is in fact still showing POLLOUT. If you put
> a sleep between the close () and poll() calls, it will succeed.
> So, IIUC, the test is racing with the BSD kernel's handling of socket
> close - the test can't assume that just because the remote end of the
> client has been closed, that poll() will immediately show POLLHUP|ERR.
> Anyone have ideas on how to make this test more reliable and not depend
> on the kernel synchronizing the close() state with poll() results
> immediately ?
> Regards,
> Daniel

Yes that test looks racy as the network shutdown is async.
How about we s/nowait/wait/, and only check for input events.
The following works on Linux at least:

--- tests/test-poll.c   2018-05-14 23:46:09.595448490 -0700
+++ pb/gltests/test-poll.c      2018-05-14 23:45:46.827048159 -0700
@@ -334,8 +334,9 @@

   test_pair (c1, c2);
   close (c1);
-  ASSERT (write (c2, "foo", 3) == 3);
-  if ((poll1_nowait (c2, POLLIN | POLLOUT) & (POLLHUP | POLLERR)) == 0)
+  (void) write (c2, "foo", 3);  // Initiate shutdown
+  if ((poll1_wait (c2, POLLIN) & (POLLHUP | POLLERR)) == 0)
     failed ("expecting POLLHUP after shutdown");

   close (c2);

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