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Re: Adding strfmon(3) to Gnulib?

From: John Zaitseff
Subject: Re: Adding strfmon(3) to Gnulib?
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2018 20:41:01 +1000
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Hi, Paul,

> Thanks for volunteering to do that.

I guess that's how it works, doesn't it :-)

> Glibc strfmon would be preferred; ideally with no changes if
> possible.

That's also my preference, as it then makes it easier to update if
Glibc does.

> Also, assuming you write a nontrivial amount of glue in
> m4/whatever.m4 etc., you'll need to assign copyright to the FSF at
> some point.  I can start the ball rolling on that if you haven't
> done it already.

Not sure if I have done that already, but happy to do so for Gnulib
and Glibc.

Yours truly,

John Zaitseff

John Zaitseff                    ,--_|\    The ZAP Group
Phone:  +61 2 9643 7737         /      \   Sydney, Australia
E-mail: address@hidden   \_,--._*   http://www.zap.org.au/

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