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Re: Adding strfmon(3) to Gnulib?

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Adding strfmon(3) to Gnulib?
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 00:35:52 +0200
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John Zaitseff wrote:
> >    c) a module 'strfmon-gnu' that ensures a glibc compatible
> >       strfmon? This one would be usable, but not POSIX compliant.
> I think option (c) is the one I'm planning

Good. That's the one I would be favouring too.

> In my own little game of Star Traders, I wrap around strfmon() for
> the C or C.UTF-8 locale to make it act as if
> localeconv()->currency_symbol was "$" and negative_sign was "-".
> In the case of option (c), should the modules still be called
> "strfmon" and "strfmon_l"?  Or is the "-gnu" suffix the way to go?

The '-gnu' suffix tells the users to expect GNU / glibc-like behaviour,
with the same function signatures.

If the signature is different, for example if you create an additional
entry point which takes the currency_symbol, the positive_sign, and the
negative_sign as explicit arguments, then you would give it a different
function name (xstrfmon, nstrfmon, or similar), and that function would
likely go into a separate module with corresponding name.

> > > 4. Create a replacement monetary module that depends on monetary-h,
> > >    strfmon and strfmon_l, with a message that monetary is now
> > >    obsolete and that programmers should use strfmon and/or
> > >    strfmon_l.
> >
> > I don't see what such a module would obtain. If a gnulib user
> > wants to use strfmon(), they will specify the module 'strfmon'. If
> > they want to use strfmon_l(), they will specify the module
> > 'strfmon_l'.  We don't have a module for "all functions declared
> > in <stdlib.h>" either.
> I was thinking along the lines of backwards compatibility for Gnulib
> users of the current "monetary"

Adding function declarations to a .h file is not considered a backward
compatibility problem. It rarely causes actual problems.


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